Heiniger Clippers & Blades

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The Heiniger family name is 3rd generation in the manufacture of high-quality swiss made animal shearing and clipping equipment. The Heiniger company initially began trading in fruit and vegetables in 1946 - but under the direction of my great-uncle Hermann Heiniger and my father Werner Heiniger, turned the business into a high quality manufacturer and global trader, whom specializes in animal fibre harvesting equipment.

For professional shearers only the highest quality counts. The proximity to our customers in markets such as Australia, UK and New Zealand in particular – combined with the engineering technology and precision manufacturing of Swiss technology – has arguably seen the Heiniger name become proud world leaders in the manufacturing and supply of professional sheep shearing and clipping equipment.

Heiniger is a family affair – not only at the management level. Our long-serving and loyal employees are part of the family. Over the decades, across our employee base, we have collected animal shearing and clipping-knowledge and passed it down to our younger “family members”. The loyalty and dedication of the staff, as well as the specialized technical nowledge of animal shearing and clipping, are the success factors behind Heiniger.

Our staff are proud to brand our products “Made in Switzerland” and that they bear the Heiniger name -  they understand that our customers rely on quality and performance to facilitate their daily work – therefore we are proud to stamp our product with our family name.