Chris Christensen Dryers

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What started with the original Kool Dry, has grown into a high quality collection of excellent dryers for grooming
professionals, pet owners, and show dog handlers. With our variety of sizes, power and speed, it’s easy to find the perfect Chris Christensen Kool Dry dryer to fit your needs. 

From the original travel size dryer, the Kool Pup, to our largest power-packed model, the 2Xtreme, it’s easy to find the perfect dryer for your business, or your breed. We offer two varieties of dryers, the original Kool Dry and Kool Dry Pup that blow cool air, and our two more powerful models the Xtreme and 2Xtreme that blow cool to warm air. 

Cats and small breed dogs will love the Kool Pup dryer with just enough power to dry quickly and quietly. Medium sized breeds will work best with our Original Kool Dry or Xtreme, while large breeds and professional groomers will fall for our dual motor 2Xtreme, designed to handle a full day’s work!