#505 Chris Christensen Buttercomb - 500 Series COARSE Grooming Comb

The Chris Christensen 500 Series Coarse Buttercomb is perfect for de-tangling and fluffing up the coats of coarse-coated breeds, such as poodles and collies. This comb glides through the coat without snagging or breakage. The stainless steel teeth create a strong, long lasting tool that is comfortable for both owner and dog.

Spine Length: 8-1/2"
Teeth Length: 1-5/16"
Teeth/inch: 11

  • Great for everyday combing and maintenance on thick coats
  • Solid brass core with a flat spine
  • Rounded corners prevent friction and reduce breakage
  • Grounded and rounded teeth glide through the coat like butter
  • Steel teeth with highly finished tips and quality nickel chrome finish
  • Unique design is seamless & smooth so that it won't snag hair
  • Made in Japan