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* NEW * DIAMAGroove Rotary Tool Pinnacle (NEW SIZES)

​Colletless - Threads onto the motor assy armature shaft after the collet and collet sleeve are removed.
Different manufacturers other than Dremel use different size motor armatures.

The exposed end of these armatures are usually threaded. The thread size / pitch and the overall diameter of the threaded armature is not consistent with all manufacturers. When ordering please mention what brand / style of motor driven device you are using. This assures that we are supplying the correct style of Diamagroove for your application / motor driven device. 
The Diamagroove Pinnacle is the Flagship of the Diamaseries tools. The Pinnacle embodies the most basic, safest, workhorse design characteristics within the Diamaseries tools.

We have utilized the "Best of the Best" in the quality of materials used to produce a masterpiece of rotary technology. We have incorporated the best authentic electroplated diamond available used also in the machining processes of carbide grinding ... this is designed to last a very long time! You can operate the Diamagrooves at a slower speed and still get optimal performance. This has the same electroplating that the Diamastrippers possess. A unique feature of an 'inner cooler' was built-in to the inside of the Diamaseries tools. This feature is designed to maintain the cool temperature of the Diamagrooves which in turn will keep the NAILS COOL as well. Also, note the concave radius on the outside of the Diamagrooves ... this keeps the nail focused so as not to slide off the Diamagrooves. Are you tired of getting cuts from the conventional sandpaper drum and inexpensive imported make-believe diamond rotary tools? We have considered SAFETY in every aspect on the Diamagrooves ... no sharp edges ... the electroplating that we have choosen is designed to grind nails ... NOT SKIN OR PADS!!! Hair winding on the Diamagrooves shaft / tool is also minimized! Provides excellent finish on the nails leaving no splinters or cracks.
Diamagroove Pinnacle is covered under a USA/Canadian PROVISIONAL PATENT-PATENT PENDING
  • Keeps nails cool ​Vibrations are tremendously reduced
  • Grind at a slower RPM get great, efficient performance
  • Outlasts any conventional/imported nail grinding attachment
  • Safe on hands / skin / dog pads
  • Concaved area keeps nails focused on grinding area
  • Leaves a great finish on the toenail ... safe!
  • Does not have the tendency to entrap hair
Directions: Diamagroove Pinnacle must be hand-threaded (no tools are to be used) completely onto the armature of the Dremel(TM).

Rabart Pro-Choice have exclusivity of this product in the UK & Ireland.

Now available in THREE sizes

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* NEW * DIAMAGroove Rotary Tool Pinnacle (NEW SIZES)

* NEW * DIAMAGroove Rotary Tool Pinnacle (NEW SIZES)
* NEW * DIAMAGroove Rotary Tool Pinnacle (NEW SIZES)
* NEW * DIAMAGroove Rotary Tool Pinnacle (NEW SIZES)
* NEW * DIAMAGroove Rotary Tool Pinnacle (NEW SIZES)
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